Thursday, October 15, 2015

Herbalist Career Information

Herbal care and treatment has come up as a phenomenal outbreak in the field of health care services. The population today is rapidly drifting from conventional medicinal therapies to herbal remedies, as a method of treating health issues. Herbal science is referred to as Botanical medicine, Herbology or phytotherapy.

Besides, health issues, herbal treatment has also made significant contributions to the field of beauty and cosmetic industry. Thus, providing huge job scopes with rewarding salary packages for these professionals.  Therefore, those who aspire to start a career as an herbalist, you can go ahead and build a promising career in this field. The following section describes all necessary information related to this occupation. Enjoy reading and exploring this booming career scope. 

Nature of work:

Herbalists may choose to work alongside doctors in different healthcare and wellness centers, or they may even work independently. They use their botanical knowledge to discover different therapeutic applications of plants. This is an exhaustive branch of healing  and involves extensive study of a patient's physical, mental and emotional state; that informs about different probable causes behind occurrence of any disease or illness. They aim to treat different health issues; ranging from skin rashes to skin cancers. Besides, they also treat prolonged illness such as diabetes, gastric issues, chronic stomach ulcers and other severe physical ailments.

Herbalists conduct initial assessment of a patient's physical condition by taking down blood pressure and pulse readings, detailed discussion on daily work activities and related processes. They may also study patient's body language and behavioral aspects to determine the treatment process to be followed. 

Besides, these healthcare professionals spend a considerable amount of time in growing plants, that have some therapeutic value attached and are rarely available in any particular area. Again, they also devote time in preparing or producing herbal medicines from different combinations of therapeutic plants and their products.

Similar to any profession, herbalists also need to maintain records of all cases handled with detailed record entries of patient information and other necessary details. Keeping track of new advents in the field and maintaining stocks are  also some essential tasks performed by these professionals.

Education and Training: 

Any educational program related to this field essentially involves core subjects of Botany, drugs derived from plants, general anatomy, physiology and nutrition. There are various institutes and schools that offer study programs to become an herbalist. However, there are very less and precisely a single university in the United States,  that offers a Bachelor's Degree in Herbal Science.

Following education, comes the training and clinical exposure. It is of huge significance and therefore, students need to look for apprenticeships, simultaneously, as they are pursuing their formal education. Many countries are working on formatting licensing examinations for this profession as well. So in a short span of time, the aspirants may even require to qualify for a license to become a certified professional.

Salary and Employment Outlook:

Herbal treatment is becoming extensively popular and so is its career scopes. Herbalists can not only explore the world of healthcare, but also can find employment scopes as researchers, wild-crafting professionals or quality specialists. The American Herbalists Guild(AHG) provides wide salary packages ranging from $ 20,000 to $ 120,000. According to researches and reports, the coming decade needs to bring an optimistic career growth and development for herbalists.

Herbalism also offers to be a great method of enhancing body immunity and metabolic activities. The results seen in this prospect  are more pronounced as compared to that obtained from any other treatment procedures. In addition, the outcome yielding from such treatments remains valid for a lifetime; however, the process of improvement can be slow. With this, we conclude this section of  career-related information for herbalists. Hope you have found this article informative and relevant to your search.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Career Opportunities in Fashion Industry

Change is the law of Nature and so it is for the world of Fashion. Every morning we come across magazines stuffed with new fashion trends that outscore the existing set of clothing in our wardrobes. Have you ever thought about the series of actions taking place in creating just a single unique style of clothing?. Well, Fashion industry is much more than models and designers. Even if you have not walked on a ramp wearing a pair of high heeled stilettos and have not stitched a dress for yourself; you can still be a part of this glitz and glamor industry.

Career opportunities in Fashion Industry :

The designs that we find displayed in various retail stores, are actually the products of extensive operations that involve different individuals with varied skill sets;thus providing a multitude of career opportunities in this industry. Listed below are some of the attractive career options in Fashion Industry :

Fashion Merchandising : Whenever a new design hits the fashion market, designers are always in the limelight. However, there are people working behind the scenes, who play a greater role in bringing that trend into the market. Fashion merchandisers actually study the market trends and consumer choices and predict the trends that may get popular, two to three years from now. Further, creative and effective store designs that can lure consumers to their retail stores, are also done by merchandisers. So if you have a sense of creativity along with a good understanding of business and don't want to become a designer, merchandising can be your perfect choice.

Sales Representative : If you have those marketing skills that can sell out anything in this world, working as a sales representative can be your call. Getting buyers for their brands is the primary duty of these professionals. They get a firsthand look of new designs, much before they are actually launched in the market and then find buyers for these designs. Having good knowledge of brands and type of clothing they provide, market for, is the key requirement for these people.

Social Media Marketing : Social media sites have brought down the whole world into one Global village; so getting the brand name on these sites becomes as essential as  on floor marketing. If you are good at drawing attention towards yourself, that may imply to, having more and more followers on twitter or similar sites; you can try yourself in promoting a brand name on these sites; that can pay you a lot.

Design Assistants : As a design assistant, although, you will not be sketching the designs for the next fashion parade;  you will be responsible for everything required to run the show as smoothly as possible. From checking fabrics to fitting models, you will have loads of work to complete. Initially, you may feel a little overloaded; however, if you really gain  experience working under good designers, you may even start your own fashion shows in future.

Jewelery Designing : Every fashion statement is complete with a perfect blend of clothes and jewelery. As more and more dressing styles are coming into the market, the need for complementing jewelery is also increasing. Thus, a career in Jewelery designing can be a great option for those who have a high sense of artistic excellence.

Internship : Just graduated with a Fashion Designing degree in hand? The best advice will be to undergo an internship with any leading fashion house. This will give you  practical knowledge about the actual business practices in this industry. For more career related advise check BSR: Career Advice section here.

Fashion Industry thus offers great deal of career options for you, that pay well along with additional perks of name, fame and a glamorous life style.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Decoding the Duties and Responsibilities of Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants have to perform critical duties for office support in different organizations. These duties can be for different domains such as finance, medical, legal or other such fields. Administrative assistant duties and responsibilities vary depending on specific roles and the type of industry they serve. These are also based upon the experience levels of the professionals. However, when we consider the duties and responsibilities in general, they remain common; irrespective of the industry.

Widened scope

With advancement in technology, the responsibilities of administrative assistants have also accentuated. These professionals now perform some complex duties such as making presentations for their organizational work and ensuring that the office runs smoothly. On a broader perspective, the administrative assistants need to multi task at times. Though the primary duty of these professionals is to provide administrative support, they often find themselves involved in other office responsibilities too.

An administrative assistant who is really efficient will definitely prove his or her worth in any organizational setting. Though the job responsibilities necessitate self-regulation, tolerance and reliability of the highest level, consistency and dedication for addressing issues head on is what makes an administrative assistant excel. To know more about what this profile has in store, you can visit sites such as BSR where you can find detailed information.

Duties and responsibilities in brief

  • Providing clerical support along with general administrative work in office
  • Scanning, copying, faxing and mailing of office documents
  • Maintenance of hard copies and electronic filing system
  • Opening, sorting and distributing incoming office correspondence
  • Performing the data entry work of office related activities
  • Management of the calendar for department heads and other senior level employees
  • Taking care of any issues arising in the administrative work
  • Running the errands of the company from the supply store to post office and vice versa
  • Answering to the phone calls of customers for solving their issues
  • Scheduling meetings, travel arrangements and appointments for company managers

All these administrative assistant duties and responsibilities may seem to be complicated and immense; however, this is a rewarding career avenue with high growth prospects. Remember how proud you will feel when the entire office is dependent on you. So you need to nurture it as you own and ensure that it is running smoothly.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Resumes - Making a Difference While Applying to a Job

I had finished writing my resume and was not satisfied with it. Well, I knew it was not done interestingly and creatively. Writing a resume can be extremely taxing and a long process and can surely get boring. How can we make it interesting? Read lot of resume writing tips, but, make sure you are not all confused. As you read, note down the vital points from each article and then you will see most of them have the same tips. This way you will have all the tips with you and then you can just go for it.

Presenting is researching:

When you write your resume, concentrate on presenting your resume well. The perfect resume will make a positive impression on your employer. You can achieve this goal only by researching about the company you are applying for. Ask the other employers what they think about the company; ask some of the HR in other companies and your friends. This research is a good homework done by you as part of preparing for the interview. Make a list why you would like to join the company and why you would not. Then you concentrate about how you are going to present the information.

Wrong job:

This is one of the most common errors that we commit when we apply for a job. You end up applying for the wrong post. Choose well, the job requirements you respond to.

Crammed and confused:

Most resumes look uncreative because they are crammed with information. Be specific, short, focused and concise. The HR does not have more than 5 to 10 seconds to go through your resume. Being creative while writing a resume only means that you are focused and to the point.

Relevant is focused:

When we say be focused what do we mean? We mean that mention the information that is relevant to the prospective employer. If you are applying for the position of a software developer and you mention about jobs you have done as a marketing professional, then it is irrelevant information. Mention only those jobs that match the requirement mentioned by the prospective employer. You must have worked in profiles that are not of any interest to the employer, refrain from mentioning them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

As the employment market has changed, so has the way you approach the employer. A lot has changed over the years and you need to be extremely professional and sure about the way you approach an employer. Resume is your face to the prospective employer. Thus your resume writing should be impressive enough to catch the attention of the employer among the heap of applications he receives every day.

Resume writing tips and tricks:

Microsoft office

If you are not well versed with MS Office, learn it in great details. Use the options like header and footer, bullets, underline and other functions in the program. No matter what job you apply for, this is going to come handy. Knowing the software in which you need to create your resume helps to pay attention to details.

Power words:

Use words that match the position you are applying for. For example if you apply for the position of a manager, use power words like

Directed workflow

Supervised and trained accounting staff

Keep the words specific to the job you are applying for.

Tailor made resume:

Each job has different specifications. Each employer has his own requirement and he is looking for something specific. If you want the employer to notice you, you cannot design the same resume for different employers. Keep the resume flexible. Make changes in your objective and the content. Use words that are mentioned in the job requirement details of an employer.

Sell the benefits:

You will surely have some benefits in your resume that will attract an employer. It is nice to have them surely, but if you do not show them then you will not benefit from them. When the employer reads your resume he has to have a clear picture of you. Highlight your benefits and with each benefit that you highlight, the employer has a clear picture of how you can be an asset to the organization.

Therefore while writing your resume, focus on what the employer wants and apply for an organization that benefits you in your career to make it a win -win situation.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Resume Writing Skills

A resume is similar to an advertisement. You don’t have to tell what you have done but you have to make specific assertions. An advertisement asserts that if you buy this product, you will benefit in certain ways. It gives you an impression that buying the product is inevitable for you. Similarly, your resume has to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position. These are some resume writing tips that will help you in writing a resume in an effective manner.

The HR is clogged with resumes; they have a maximum of 20 seconds to glance through your resume. The first few lines make or break the impression. To write an effective resume you have to write powerful but subtle content. Ask yourself what would make the perfect candidate; What skills, capabilities and qualities is the employer seeking? If you are not sure about this you can ask the other employees in the office or call up and confirm with the HR. Your resume is a response to the needs of the employer and you need to address them.

Resume writing tips are here. You need to target your resume to the prospective employer for which you need to be well aware of your career direction. This convinces the employer that you are focused and are sure about your career goals.

Summary of qualifications drives the focus of the reader. It is a section describing your qualities, abilities and achievements. This is the only section that will be read fully by the employer, thus, it should be convincing. This section can describe your skills as a manager, communicator, and leader. Skills and accomplishments is the final part of the assertion section. Let the reader know about the results you produced, what was the result of your efforts, your experience and expertise.

Resume writing thus, in undeniably a subtle art.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

An objective statement is simply your goal in the professional world. All you have to do is put it in a manner that attracts the employer and makes him go through your entire resume. You must include your administrative skills and experience. Make use of the catchy adjectives.

Resume objective is like the punch line of an advertisement which makes you read or see the entire ad, which is exactly what you want the employer to do – read your complete resume. It is a misconception that resume writing has to be about your past work experience and about your professional history. Your resume is all about your skills and how you are perfectly eligible for the given designation. 

Best administrative assistant resume objective examples
An efficient problem solver with a complete range of accounting and office management experience, brilliant customer relationships skills, seeking a position of administrative assistant in reputed organization to enhance my abilities.
A resourceful troubleshooter with great computer skills, outstanding customer relationships abilities, and astonishing office management abilities, looking for an administrative assistant position in a flourishing organization.
Aspiring for an Administrative Assistant position with an organization which will permit me to use my organization skills completely, and enhance the problem solving and communication skills as well.

Best resume writing tips
Employ keywords
There is a format followed by the job portals and sites, to search for the eligible candidates. You have to ensure that your resume has all the attractive keywords related to your job profile and field so that your resume is searched by the engines.
Keep everything to the point while writing a resume. No need to be too wordy or descriptive. You just have to give a hint of what qualities you have through your resume and get the interview confirmed; explains everything in detail once you are seated for the personal interview.
Arrange the information in a chronological, reverse chronology is recommended, and make sure you have something to fill the gaps in your work pattern. For example, pursue some certificate course or diploma if you have long gaps in the job switching duration.
Your resume must show your confidence in performing the required job efficiently and skillfully. Ensure that you prove the confidence that your resume has created for you when you appear for the interview but that’s other part of the story.
Get going and craft you phenomenal administrative assistant resume here; we wish a progressive career for you!