Thursday, March 17, 2011

Resume Writing Skills

A resume is similar to an advertisement. You don’t have to tell what you have done but you have to make specific assertions. An advertisement asserts that if you buy this product, you will benefit in certain ways. It gives you an impression that buying the product is inevitable for you. Similarly, your resume has to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position. These are some resume writing tips that will help you in writing a resume in an effective manner.

The HR is clogged with resumes; they have a maximum of 20 seconds to glance through your resume. The first few lines make or break the impression. To write an effective resume you have to write powerful but subtle content. Ask yourself what would make the perfect candidate; What skills, capabilities and qualities is the employer seeking? If you are not sure about this you can ask the other employees in the office or call up and confirm with the HR. Your resume is a response to the needs of the employer and you need to address them.

Resume writing tips are here. You need to target your resume to the prospective employer for which you need to be well aware of your career direction. This convinces the employer that you are focused and are sure about your career goals.

Summary of qualifications drives the focus of the reader. It is a section describing your qualities, abilities and achievements. This is the only section that will be read fully by the employer, thus, it should be convincing. This section can describe your skills as a manager, communicator, and leader. Skills and accomplishments is the final part of the assertion section. Let the reader know about the results you produced, what was the result of your efforts, your experience and expertise.

Resume writing thus, in undeniably a subtle art.

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