Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Resume Writing Services

Are you on the verge of zeroing on finalizing your own written resume? Well, why not take a deep breath and look over the points that follow in the coming columns and see if your drafted resume fits the bill to be listed in the category of good resume.

Just see if the points you have covered in the resume is compatible with the job title you have applied for.

Here are the points to ponder over

Have you provided your basic info- The first section to be included in the resume shall be the personal information. These basic details include mentioning your full name on the top left of the resume and if more pages are attached do take care to include the same on all pages, respectively. Also mention your contact address, phone number and most importantly the e-mail id

Check if you have got a career/resume objective- Don’t ever forget to include objective statement as an applicant without an objective statement in the resume looks like one who don’t have anything to live for life. So, mentioning a sound, clear, crisp yet catchy objective statement in the resume becomes an urgency

Educational qualifications mentioned? After the important aspect of objective statement comes the vital department of providing the in detailed info about educational credentials you have earned till now. Enlist the top degree first followed by others in the chronological order. You can also include any diploma, certificate courses, if any. Mention about any reward or award achieved during the course of the education.

Job experiences- This is a ‘must to add’ section on the resume as the same provides an insight to the employer if the candidate has got the necessary spunk to be called for the interview or absorbed in the company directly. Mention about various job positions held and what responsibilities shared. If you are a fresher, just add the various internships and training which were paid and unpaid so that you can be given a chance to prove your mettle in the company in the longer run

Internet and professional help- Don’t forget to take help from professional having ample expertise in the field of making out the job centric CVs. Also look over the internet for good resume samples to have an idea about writing the way good writers write

Thus, writing a resume is an easy job provided you know all the ingredients to be included to make it a good dish. Resume writing tips that are given above shall help you get the desired job. Follow these simple yet effective resume tips and surge up your way up the paradigm of career. Happy Job Hunting!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things To Remember for Effective Resume Writing

Resume writing is said to be the most discouraging task to do, but if you remember a few guidelines for writing a resume, it is actually very easy to write. It should hook your potential employer’s interest. It is not writing a story about your life and it does not have to have the answers to all the questions the employer might have. That the job can be handled by the interview!

Take into consideration the following points if you want to have effective resume skills:Text Color

  • Firstly you should start by researching on the company you want to apply for. From here you can pick up a few important keywords related to the requirement of the job. Use these keywords through out your resume to show the employer you have what they are looking for.

  • Next point you have to keep in mind, is to emphasize each and every skill you have learned in your job experiences which is related to the job you are applying for. Also connect your achievements in a manner that it shows the employer how it will benefit him/her.

  • Your degrees, certificates, or any other specialized training should be mentioned in the resume. Do not include your hobbies, unless they are required or directly apply to the job requirements. Focus on demonstrating your worth, everything else should be left out.

  • Avoid using the words many times in your resume. You can use words like accomplished, achieved, completed, enhanced, obtained, succeeded, secured, etc.

  • You should make sure that your resume contains text neatly typed and grammatically correct. You should make the resume eye catching to the employer and not flashy! In other words, it should be easy to read.

After you complete writing your resume, read it a couple of times and make sure that all things are in order and it shows off your value as an employee. Sometimes it is better to take advice of other people to ensure that it is serving its purpose.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Resume Tips

Your resume gives first impression about you to the employer. Therefore, your resume has convince the employer to give you the opportunity of a second impression. Read on to find out how to write a resume.

Writing a resume involves a lot of skill, especially if you are a fresher and are seeking a job. While writing resume, one has to evaluate the needs of the employer and implicate them in the resume. So, résumé’s may be designed according to the post you are applying for.

First things first, you have to choose an appropriate format for your resume. You can choose from any of the three given formats:

  • Chronological: This is the most known format. In this the work experience of a person goes in reverse order, your most recent job will be written on the top.

  • Functional: This format is used to note your skills on the basis of function to emphasize your abilities.

  • Combination: this format is a combination of the two formats. This is done by listing the objectives at the top after your personal information, followed by paragraphs describing your job functions. Under the section named “employment experience”, you will chronologically list the employers you worked with.

Many people cannot figure out where to place the education background in a resume. If you have completed your degree less than five years back and if the degree is pretty much related to what you are applying for, then your education background will go on the top. Otherwise, it should be placed at the bottom of your resume.

The length of the resume is also of great importance. No employer has the time to sit and go through pages of various resumes. They usually just browse through searching for the required skills for the job. Therefore, the norm goes with only one page while writing a resume.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Career Search: Tips To Remember

Preparation: You need to prepare your career search tools. Resume, portfolio and all important documents are the initial things which are required in career search. Updated Curriculum Vitae is very helpful to build your first impression. An ideal resume contains information about your qualification, experience, skills and extra curriculum activities. If you have any outstanding achievements, mention them in your resume. Your resume writing style speaks a lot about your personality. So, get some tips on resume writing from your seniors. Even you can find them through websites too.

Portfolio is the advanced version of resume. You can save your documents, certificates, recordings of your performances, and achievements and even the feed back of your previous seniors. The best thing about it is that you can have the entire essentials together under separate folders. Some times, you have to demonstrate your skills and applied knowledge. In that case, you must be prepared with all updated demo plans. So, a CD of PowerPoint presentation or an up- to- date and well organized slides saved in your laptop can help you in such situations. This will highlight your sincerity towards your work.

All your experience certificates are very essential. They are your momentum. So, do not fail to attach a true copy of your experience certificates while applying.

Now get ready to search for the correct job. You have to enroll at various job consultancy firms, you can register it on the job searching websites too. Do not fail to describe your expectations and location at the time of registration. Provide your valid email address, postal address and contact number.

If you mention any references, intimate those reference recourses and ensure that they look into the matter accordingly. Use appropriate references to get better exposure and opportunities.

Registration in a local career consultancy may help to find out the suitable job openings available locally. But before you register at such a firm, make sure that it is reliable and has a good reputation in a market.

So, go on searching till you get the right job and go on working till you get the satisfaction you desire. Have a successful career search.