Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Career Opportunities in Fashion Industry

Change is the law of Nature and so it is for the world of Fashion. Every morning we come across magazines stuffed with new fashion trends that outscore the existing set of clothing in our wardrobes. Have you ever thought about the series of actions taking place in creating just a single unique style of clothing?. Well, Fashion industry is much more than models and designers. Even if you have not walked on a ramp wearing a pair of high heeled stilettos and have not stitched a dress for yourself; you can still be a part of this glitz and glamor industry.

Career opportunities in Fashion Industry :

The designs that we find displayed in various retail stores, are actually the products of extensive operations that involve different individuals with varied skill sets;thus providing a multitude of career opportunities in this industry. Listed below are some of the attractive career options in Fashion Industry :

Fashion Merchandising : Whenever a new design hits the fashion market, designers are always in the limelight. However, there are people working behind the scenes, who play a greater role in bringing that trend into the market. Fashion merchandisers actually study the market trends and consumer choices and predict the trends that may get popular, two to three years from now. Further, creative and effective store designs that can lure consumers to their retail stores, are also done by merchandisers. So if you have a sense of creativity along with a good understanding of business and don't want to become a designer, merchandising can be your perfect choice.

Sales Representative : If you have those marketing skills that can sell out anything in this world, working as a sales representative can be your call. Getting buyers for their brands is the primary duty of these professionals. They get a firsthand look of new designs, much before they are actually launched in the market and then find buyers for these designs. Having good knowledge of brands and type of clothing they provide, market for, is the key requirement for these people.

Social Media Marketing : Social media sites have brought down the whole world into one Global village; so getting the brand name on these sites becomes as essential as  on floor marketing. If you are good at drawing attention towards yourself, that may imply to, having more and more followers on twitter or similar sites; you can try yourself in promoting a brand name on these sites; that can pay you a lot.

Design Assistants : As a design assistant, although, you will not be sketching the designs for the next fashion parade;  you will be responsible for everything required to run the show as smoothly as possible. From checking fabrics to fitting models, you will have loads of work to complete. Initially, you may feel a little overloaded; however, if you really gain  experience working under good designers, you may even start your own fashion shows in future.

Jewelery Designing : Every fashion statement is complete with a perfect blend of clothes and jewelery. As more and more dressing styles are coming into the market, the need for complementing jewelery is also increasing. Thus, a career in Jewelery designing can be a great option for those who have a high sense of artistic excellence.

Internship : Just graduated with a Fashion Designing degree in hand? The best advice will be to undergo an internship with any leading fashion house. This will give you  practical knowledge about the actual business practices in this industry. For more career related advise check BSR: Career Advice section here.

Fashion Industry thus offers great deal of career options for you, that pay well along with additional perks of name, fame and a glamorous life style.