Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Resume Tips

Your resume gives first impression about you to the employer. Therefore, your resume has convince the employer to give you the opportunity of a second impression. Read on to find out how to write a resume.

Writing a resume involves a lot of skill, especially if you are a fresher and are seeking a job. While writing resume, one has to evaluate the needs of the employer and implicate them in the resume. So, résumé’s may be designed according to the post you are applying for.

First things first, you have to choose an appropriate format for your resume. You can choose from any of the three given formats:

  • Chronological: This is the most known format. In this the work experience of a person goes in reverse order, your most recent job will be written on the top.

  • Functional: This format is used to note your skills on the basis of function to emphasize your abilities.

  • Combination: this format is a combination of the two formats. This is done by listing the objectives at the top after your personal information, followed by paragraphs describing your job functions. Under the section named “employment experience”, you will chronologically list the employers you worked with.

Many people cannot figure out where to place the education background in a resume. If you have completed your degree less than five years back and if the degree is pretty much related to what you are applying for, then your education background will go on the top. Otherwise, it should be placed at the bottom of your resume.

The length of the resume is also of great importance. No employer has the time to sit and go through pages of various resumes. They usually just browse through searching for the required skills for the job. Therefore, the norm goes with only one page while writing a resume.