Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Resumes - Making a Difference While Applying to a Job

I had finished writing my resume and was not satisfied with it. Well, I knew it was not done interestingly and creatively. Writing a resume can be extremely taxing and a long process and can surely get boring. How can we make it interesting? Read lot of resume writing tips, but, make sure you are not all confused. As you read, note down the vital points from each article and then you will see most of them have the same tips. This way you will have all the tips with you and then you can just go for it.

Presenting is researching:

When you write your resume, concentrate on presenting your resume well. The perfect resume will make a positive impression on your employer. You can achieve this goal only by researching about the company you are applying for. Ask the other employers what they think about the company; ask some of the HR in other companies and your friends. This research is a good homework done by you as part of preparing for the interview. Make a list why you would like to join the company and why you would not. Then you concentrate about how you are going to present the information.

Wrong job:

This is one of the most common errors that we commit when we apply for a job. You end up applying for the wrong post. Choose well, the job requirements you respond to.

Crammed and confused:

Most resumes look uncreative because they are crammed with information. Be specific, short, focused and concise. The HR does not have more than 5 to 10 seconds to go through your resume. Being creative while writing a resume only means that you are focused and to the point.

Relevant is focused:

When we say be focused what do we mean? We mean that mention the information that is relevant to the prospective employer. If you are applying for the position of a software developer and you mention about jobs you have done as a marketing professional, then it is irrelevant information. Mention only those jobs that match the requirement mentioned by the prospective employer. You must have worked in profiles that are not of any interest to the employer, refrain from mentioning them.