Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Resumes - Making a Difference While Applying to a Job

I had finished writing my resume and was not satisfied with it. Well, I knew it was not done interestingly and creatively. Writing a resume can be extremely taxing and a long process and can surely get boring. How can we make it interesting? Read lot of resume writing tips, but, make sure you are not all confused. As you read, note down the vital points from each article and then you will see most of them have the same tips. This way you will have all the tips with you and then you can just go for it.

Presenting is researching:

When you write your resume, concentrate on presenting your resume well. The perfect resume will make a positive impression on your employer. You can achieve this goal only by researching about the company you are applying for. Ask the other employers what they think about the company; ask some of the HR in other companies and your friends. This research is a good homework done by you as part of preparing for the interview. Make a list why you would like to join the company and why you would not. Then you concentrate about how you are going to present the information.

Wrong job:

This is one of the most common errors that we commit when we apply for a job. You end up applying for the wrong post. Choose well, the job requirements you respond to.

Crammed and confused:

Most resumes look uncreative because they are crammed with information. Be specific, short, focused and concise. The HR does not have more than 5 to 10 seconds to go through your resume. Being creative while writing a resume only means that you are focused and to the point.

Relevant is focused:

When we say be focused what do we mean? We mean that mention the information that is relevant to the prospective employer. If you are applying for the position of a software developer and you mention about jobs you have done as a marketing professional, then it is irrelevant information. Mention only those jobs that match the requirement mentioned by the prospective employer. You must have worked in profiles that are not of any interest to the employer, refrain from mentioning them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

As the employment market has changed, so has the way you approach the employer. A lot has changed over the years and you need to be extremely professional and sure about the way you approach an employer. Resume is your face to the prospective employer. Thus your resume writing should be impressive enough to catch the attention of the employer among the heap of applications he receives every day.

Resume writing tips and tricks:

Microsoft office

If you are not well versed with MS Office, learn it in great details. Use the options like header and footer, bullets, underline and other functions in the program. No matter what job you apply for, this is going to come handy. Knowing the software in which you need to create your resume helps to pay attention to details.

Power words:

Use words that match the position you are applying for. For example if you apply for the position of a manager, use power words like

Directed workflow

Supervised and trained accounting staff

Keep the words specific to the job you are applying for.

Tailor made resume:

Each job has different specifications. Each employer has his own requirement and he is looking for something specific. If you want the employer to notice you, you cannot design the same resume for different employers. Keep the resume flexible. Make changes in your objective and the content. Use words that are mentioned in the job requirement details of an employer.

Sell the benefits:

You will surely have some benefits in your resume that will attract an employer. It is nice to have them surely, but if you do not show them then you will not benefit from them. When the employer reads your resume he has to have a clear picture of you. Highlight your benefits and with each benefit that you highlight, the employer has a clear picture of how you can be an asset to the organization.

Therefore while writing your resume, focus on what the employer wants and apply for an organization that benefits you in your career to make it a win -win situation.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Resume Writing Skills

A resume is similar to an advertisement. You don’t have to tell what you have done but you have to make specific assertions. An advertisement asserts that if you buy this product, you will benefit in certain ways. It gives you an impression that buying the product is inevitable for you. Similarly, your resume has to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position. These are some resume writing tips that will help you in writing a resume in an effective manner.

The HR is clogged with resumes; they have a maximum of 20 seconds to glance through your resume. The first few lines make or break the impression. To write an effective resume you have to write powerful but subtle content. Ask yourself what would make the perfect candidate; What skills, capabilities and qualities is the employer seeking? If you are not sure about this you can ask the other employees in the office or call up and confirm with the HR. Your resume is a response to the needs of the employer and you need to address them.

Resume writing tips are here. You need to target your resume to the prospective employer for which you need to be well aware of your career direction. This convinces the employer that you are focused and are sure about your career goals.

Summary of qualifications drives the focus of the reader. It is a section describing your qualities, abilities and achievements. This is the only section that will be read fully by the employer, thus, it should be convincing. This section can describe your skills as a manager, communicator, and leader. Skills and accomplishments is the final part of the assertion section. Let the reader know about the results you produced, what was the result of your efforts, your experience and expertise.

Resume writing thus, in undeniably a subtle art.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

An objective statement is simply your goal in the professional world. All you have to do is put it in a manner that attracts the employer and makes him go through your entire resume. You must include your administrative skills and experience. Make use of the catchy adjectives.

Resume objective is like the punch line of an advertisement which makes you read or see the entire ad, which is exactly what you want the employer to do – read your complete resume. It is a misconception that resume writing has to be about your past work experience and about your professional history. Your resume is all about your skills and how you are perfectly eligible for the given designation. 

Best administrative assistant resume objective examples
An efficient problem solver with a complete range of accounting and office management experience, brilliant customer relationships skills, seeking a position of administrative assistant in reputed organization to enhance my abilities.
A resourceful troubleshooter with great computer skills, outstanding customer relationships abilities, and astonishing office management abilities, looking for an administrative assistant position in a flourishing organization.
Aspiring for an Administrative Assistant position with an organization which will permit me to use my organization skills completely, and enhance the problem solving and communication skills as well.

Best resume writing tips
Employ keywords
There is a format followed by the job portals and sites, to search for the eligible candidates. You have to ensure that your resume has all the attractive keywords related to your job profile and field so that your resume is searched by the engines.
Keep everything to the point while writing a resume. No need to be too wordy or descriptive. You just have to give a hint of what qualities you have through your resume and get the interview confirmed; explains everything in detail once you are seated for the personal interview.
Arrange the information in a chronological, reverse chronology is recommended, and make sure you have something to fill the gaps in your work pattern. For example, pursue some certificate course or diploma if you have long gaps in the job switching duration.
Your resume must show your confidence in performing the required job efficiently and skillfully. Ensure that you prove the confidence that your resume has created for you when you appear for the interview but that’s other part of the story.
Get going and craft you phenomenal administrative assistant resume here; we wish a progressive career for you!