Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Decoding the Duties and Responsibilities of Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants have to perform critical duties for office support in different organizations. These duties can be for different domains such as finance, medical, legal or other such fields. Administrative assistant duties and responsibilities vary depending on specific roles and the type of industry they serve. These are also based upon the experience levels of the professionals. However, when we consider the duties and responsibilities in general, they remain common; irrespective of the industry.

Widened scope

With advancement in technology, the responsibilities of administrative assistants have also accentuated. These professionals now perform some complex duties such as making presentations for their organizational work and ensuring that the office runs smoothly. On a broader perspective, the administrative assistants need to multi task at times. Though the primary duty of these professionals is to provide administrative support, they often find themselves involved in other office responsibilities too.

An administrative assistant who is really efficient will definitely prove his or her worth in any organizational setting. Though the job responsibilities necessitate self-regulation, tolerance and reliability of the highest level, consistency and dedication for addressing issues head on is what makes an administrative assistant excel. To know more about what this profile has in store, you can visit sites such as BSR where you can find detailed information.

Duties and responsibilities in brief

  • Providing clerical support along with general administrative work in office
  • Scanning, copying, faxing and mailing of office documents
  • Maintenance of hard copies and electronic filing system
  • Opening, sorting and distributing incoming office correspondence
  • Performing the data entry work of office related activities
  • Management of the calendar for department heads and other senior level employees
  • Taking care of any issues arising in the administrative work
  • Running the errands of the company from the supply store to post office and vice versa
  • Answering to the phone calls of customers for solving their issues
  • Scheduling meetings, travel arrangements and appointments for company managers

All these administrative assistant duties and responsibilities may seem to be complicated and immense; however, this is a rewarding career avenue with high growth prospects. Remember how proud you will feel when the entire office is dependent on you. So you need to nurture it as you own and ensure that it is running smoothly.

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